My Language Arts Talk

In Language Arts, we made presentations about something we are passionate about and know something about. We had been looking at TED talks and the talks we did were based on TED talks. 

My talk was about how to swing a good forehand in tennis. I made a slideshow about it and added pictures and made it colorful so it was appealing. I included the three checkpoints, footwork, the contact point, grip, topspin, and my call to action. The call to action is basically the conclusion of your talk and it has to relate to your topic. My call to action is: Try your best no matter what, even if you might fail. I said this because this is a big important part of tennis but it’s also something you should do in life because failing is part of learning.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are now encouraged to dive into some TED talks or make your own!

Tree Books

During LA, my class has been working on tree books. What are tree books? Tree books are books shaped like trees that we made out of cardboard and paper. (There is a picture above.) We created leaves by bringing leaves from home and then using a roller to print it on to a colorful piece of paper. Then we added writing.

The first paper was a life list. A life list is a list of what we want to do in the future. We printed it out and glued it to the book. The second paper was a When This Is Over poem. We wrote what would happen after COVID is over and what we appreciated before COVID happened. The third paper was a Salute To My Roots paper. This is where we write about one person we care about. I wrote about my grandmother.

My favorite part about the tree books was decorating and adding leaves. It gave it detail and described nature all over it. It was also fun in the process and having a woman come into the classroom and show us how to start.


For a few months at school, we’ve been doing stocks. We had a whole class about how to set it up in the app Sheets. Everyone in the class chose 6 companies to invest in. Some reasons for investing in what I invested in is because it’s popular, other people were investing in it, or it was a joke with a friend. After doing stocks, I learned which stocks were good stocks to invest in and I also learned what stocks are, how it works, and how to invest in different stocks. In the end, I ended up with  $-873.04.

The first thing we did was choose 6 companies to invest in. Then we set up a math formula in stocks. Every week we would check our stocks to see how much we gain or how much we lost. We had index cards to write the date and write how much money we have.

After reading, I hope you decide to invest in stocks.

Planetarium Field Trip 🪐

For a field trip, our school went to the Morehead Planetarium. We learned about Newton’s laws and other physics, watched a video about astronauts, went on a walk and saw monuments, and explored the history of the planetarium.

The first thing we did was learn about physics, but we didn’t just learn about physics. A woman did experiments based on the topic! For example, she dumped liquid nitrogen on the floor!  The second thing we did was go on a walk around the UNC campus. We saw statues and monuments in the area we were in and enjoyed the outdoors. The third thing we did was explore the upstairs and downstairs of the planetarium. There were different activities like building with blocks, moving a metal hand with our wrist (it had to do with the technology), and learning about floods.

Afterwards, we had lunch. It wasn’t that exciting, but the final event after that was AMAZING! It was the dome. The dome is a literal huge dome that projects videos or images on it. We watched a video about the process of becoming an astronaut. Honestly, after watching the video I don’t want to be an astronaut anymore. The last thing we saw on the dome was the solar system. We saw the stars, planets, and constellations.

After reading this, I hope you consider going to the Morehead Planetarium! (If you live in NC.)

Two Book Recommendations 📚

Lately, I have been reading some very interesting books. There are 2 series that I have read that have been AMAZING! One, I have finished and one I am currently reading.

The first series contains 6 books and it’s called The Gallagher Girls. The first book is called I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You. It might sound violent, but it’s not… that much. This book is about a girl who joins a spy school, but no one knows it’s a spy school. Anyway, the girl discovers a crush on a boy, but she can’t tell him the truth about who she really is. If you like drama and action, this book/series is for you. It definitely has a lot of drama and action, but also mystery and suspense. I loved this series so much, I felt like crying when I finished it. I also cried when something big happened to one of the characters. (Not spoiling)

The second series is called The Embassy Row and it contains 3 books. I am currently reading the second book, which is very good. The first book was a LITTLE bit slow at the beginning, but it was worth it. It was about a girl who lives in an embassy with her grandfather because her mother dies. She has visions about a man with a scar who killed her mother in a fire. She tries to convince other people, but no one listens. The book is interesting, suspenseful, and action-packed. There is also a HUGE surprise at the end that shocked me.

I really hope you consider reading this series. If you do, you find it on Sora, Kindle, or just as a normal book. Thank you for reading!

Comic Book Project

In Language Arts, my classmates and I made comics based off of Wisdom Tales. What are Wisdom Tales? Wisdom Tales are stories that are fables, parables, and myths that all have a moral. My classmates and I read many Wisdom Tales and then got to pick one tale that we read and turn it into a comic. I chose the tale The Smuggler. I chose it because I liked the story and I thought it would be fun to draw. I drew the pictures in Sketchbook and made the comic in Comic Life 3. In Sketchbook, I drew the people and the background freely without tracing, but for the donkey I traced it and changed small details. In Comic Life 3, I picked a theme, background, and a setup. Then I imported the photos. After that, I added text boxes and soon it was finished and ready to print.

Next time, I would choose a different background, because I don’t think it fits the theme, and try to make the people more detailed. Compared to the donkey, the people don’t look that good. Even though I think it could be better, I still like it!

I encourage you to read the Wisdom Tales and try to figure out the moral. I hope you like my comic and thank you for reading.


Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I do a sport that I really enjoy: tennis. I play tennis at my country club with my friends. I am in a 10-13 age group and I would consider myself to be pretty good at tennis.

I started when I was 5, at my old country club. My dad wanted me to try it out and I did. My coaches were funny and supportive and always gave me feedback. I started to play more and more as I got older and am planning to play for a very long time. 

Now, I don’t just take lessons, I do tournaments. I practice on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and do tournaments every other Friday. We call it Friday Night Lights. We play against each other and we have a ladder that shows our skill level. I was the highest girl on the ladder, but now I’m the third highest girl. My country club also sometimes plays other country clubs which are also really fun. I especially like playing harder people because playing better people can make you a better tennis player. 

I play tennis because it’s active, fun, competitive, and it’s a great way to hang out with my friends. Maybe after reading this, some people might be interested in playing tennis! Thank you for reading.


Planking schedule

In my Language Arts class, we used to plank every day for about 2 months. September 13-November 23. This wasn’t for us to get physically stronger. It was to form a daily habit and teach us about daily habits. When you make a habit you do that habit naturally. When we planked we added 15 seconds every week up until 3 ½ minutes. After doing it for a while, the compound effect kicks in. Compound effect is when something happens automatically and you don’t even think, you just do. It’s just like the man with the bicycle. He learned how to ride a different type of bicycle. When you steer right, you go left and when you steer left you go right. It took him 8 months to learn to ride it differently, but he finally did.

I learned that depending on how I felt, it was easier or harder. People would think that doing 30 seconds is easier than 1 ½ min, and it is, but sometimes some planks would feel shorter and easier, even if they’re longer. It sometimes depends on how I’m feeling. When I first started planking, it felt really hard and I was really focused on planking. As I kept going I realized distractions make it easier. I started reading a book while I planked and it kept my mind off of planking. Sometimes my class would ask us Would You Rather questions, which also made the plank easier and more fun. I also learned that planking on your hands is easier than on your forearm and that also made the challenge easier. Towards the end of the plank I would feel pain and tiredness. I wanted to stop and sometimes I did but as I kept getting better at planking, I stopped taking breaks. I feel a lot stronger in planking and I’m very proud of myself for that. I also felt good when I finished my final plank, which is when you plank until you need to stop. My final time was 9:22.

My new habit is playing tennis for at least 10 minutes each day. I picked this habit because playing tennis is something that I enjoy, and something I most likely can do almost every day. If I can’t go to the tennis courts, I can hit against my garage. If it rains I can hit a ball on my racket inside instead of hitting a wall. 


Movement Dance

In school we have different fine arts. I was just in Movement, and at the end of Movement we got in a group and made a dance. We presented it on the very last day, and other people came to watch us. Afterwards, we got cupcakes and juice. It felt really good to finally show off our dances. I have a big passion for dancing and next year I really want to do Movement the whole school year. 

Our dance was about 2 ½ minutes long and was the instrumental version of That’s What I Want by Lil Nas X. We practiced the dance for about a week and a half and then made a poster. We were the Tie Die Tacos. We all wore long white socks with different color stripes, wore black shorts, and wore tie dye shirts. I had so much fun and would gladly do it again. I think we might because Ms. Norris might have us perform it in May.

Window or Mirror?

The book that I’m reading is called The Cousins by Karen M McManus. It’s about three cousins that get invited to their grandma’s huge and fancy island. The only thing is, their grandma completely ignores them and they also feel like people are acting weird or suspicious around them. The cousins start to wonder if their grandma isn’t the person who invited them and if there are other secrets behind the mysterious resort. 

I don’t relate to this book so this book is a window book for me. There are two different book types: mirror books and window books. A window book is a book with a character that you don’t share similarities with. A mirror book is the opposite. The book The Cousins is a mystery book that has many twists and turns and I can’t relate to anything that happens in the book. I don’t have any relatives that own islands or resorts and I have been with both my grandparents many times. That’s my proof that this book is a window book for me. 

Is The Cousins a window or a mirror book for you?

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