My House

Me and my family live in a neighborhood called Hope Valley. We have a big house, with a trampoline and a pool in the backyard.

Most of the time, we are in our pool, but sometimes we go to the neighborhood pool with our friends trying to stay 6 feet. We have five floaties, and many diving toys to play with. We don’t have a slider diving board, but there’s many things to do in the pool without either of those things. Here’s a slow of me jumping into two inner tubes. ⬇️


My normal days starts with me getting up around 7:30 or 8:00. I go downstairs to have breakfast I’m going upstairs to get dressed and brush my teeth. Do you think they usually do in the middle of the day is swim, go on the trampoline, read, and sometimes play Roblox. 😁 Good night we have dinner around 6:00 and then go up to take showers and brush our teeth. Sometimes we watch a show or watch a family movie together. Other times we just go to bed.

Last but not least, is my trampoline. Me and my brother are usually go on about twice a day. I want to do a front flip, and more. My brother is working on his flip, but it’s good for six-year-old. Sometimes my dad and mom go on, and my dad bounces me almost above the net! My brother is afraid of doing it.


Now you know a little bit about my summer life! 😎🏝🏖

Drawing Pt. 2

I have been drawing a lot in my house since COVID-19 started. I have already done a blog about drawing, but this one is more about learning to on YouTube.

I learn from 2 people right now. They’re YouTube channels are Art For Kids Hub, and Draw So Cute. From AFKH they do pop ups, and regular drawings. The pop ups you fold and you draw on top of the folds and then open it up and draw on the inside. There is a picture ⬇️

Draw So Cute….. well you can tell from the name. This girl’s drawings are cuter. She draws certain people too like famous Tik Tok stars, or just a summer girl. That’s one of the drawings below. ⬇️

Those are two websites I use to draw. Girls, I will edit this and make a video of me drawings something. (Probably a pop up, but you can always always always search Draw So Cute or other drawing videos. There are always videos for boys too!


Me and my family had a great time on Easter. Just because there’s coronavirus, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!

Of course the Easter Bunny came! We got Peeps, Bunny Bottoms, and small plastic eggs with jelly beans. Sometimes I steal some! (I’m chewing one right now. 😁)

Besides candy, we also played games. My dad hid eggs around the house and we would find them. In Liam’s eggs I put a lego guy in each. Liam was ecstatic when he found them. After that I hid eggs for my dad. He couldn’t find the easiest one! That’s the hiding spot.

Hope you had a great Easter too! 🐣🐥🐤

Climbing Trees

A few days ago I got an idea There is a big tree in our backyard. It is perfect for climbing so I decided to climb it…

How I knew it was a good climbing tree was there are tons of slots for your feet and tons of branches to grab on to. I put one of my feet in between two branches, and pulled my self up. More slots and ranchers and got higher and higher soon I could see over the house.

That is a picture of me at the lowest spot. We also have a bird house. We had bird feed too so we decided to put some bird feed in the house. As you can see in the picture it’s sort of up high, so me and Liam can’t reach it. I got an idea. I got a shovel and put it into the bird feed bag and pulled some out. Then I asked Liam to hold it as I started to climb the tree. He handed it to me when I was in the tree and I put it in the bird feed. The next day they’re the bird feed was almost gone! (I took the picture from the tree.)

Tips for climbing trees:

-Look for a good spot to sit before you climb.

-Remember to look for slots and good sturdy branches.

-Make sure the branches aren’t to wobbly.

Hope you start climbing trees now!


Disney Cruise!

For spring break I went on a Disney Cruise. I got to meet characters, go on islands, solve mysteries, and watch shows and movies.


The characters I met are Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Stitch, and Donald Duck.

The islands I went are Saint Thomas, and Castaway Cay. At Castaway Cay there is a place to go snorkeling, a ropes course where you fall into the ocean, and two huge slides. I was going to go on the open slide but Liam wanted to do that one so I had to go to the closed slide. Iwas pitch black and very fast. It’s very surprising when you get out! That’s why Castaway Cay is my favorite.

The mysteries are where you get a card that has a special number on it and you pick a mystery to solve. Me and my family did all of them which are The Case of the Missing Puppies, The Case of the Missing Paintings, and the Disappearing instruments. The missing paintings and puppies have these suspects: Jafar, Maleficent, Yzma, Captain Hook, and Dr. Facilier.

The special shows a watched was Junnk (supposed to have two Ns.), a crazy juggler, and a ventriloquist. Junnk is where 4 guys use junk to make sounds and songs. They all had funny voices. One guy was doing head spins! Another guy ran off stage in a unicorn floaty yelling “The pool is open!” The juggler juggled 5 balls! A ventriloquist is someone who uses puppets. She told the puppet to tell a girl her eyes twinkle, but instead “he” said I tinkle!

Now that was just part of my Disney Cruise adventure and I think you should try one!


Zombies 2!


I love Zombies 2. I begged my mom to watch it and so I did. It’s very interesting and has very mysterious parts in the movie.

My favorite character is Addison. She wore a wig all her life, but really she has white hair. The werewolves (Wynter, Willa, and Wyatt) believe Addison is the Great Alpha because of her white hair. Addison’s best friend is Bree who likes a zombie named Bonzo, and her boyfriend is a zombie named Zed. Bucky is Addison’s cousin who runs cheer practice. Addison is a cheerleader.

The storyboard is all about the wolves trying to get Addison because they think Addison is the Great Alpha. They want her so she can lead them to the moonstone. As you know the moonstone is hidden underground and if it gets destroyed, so will the wolves. Luckily they are able to carry it up and not die. The end is probably the best part because there is a cliff hanger for Zombies 3.

The songs are great. There are 10 songs. They are We Got This, We Own The Night, Like The Zombies Do, Gotta Find Where I Belong, Call To The Wild, I’m Winning, Flesh And Bones, One For All, Somday (Reprise), and The New Kid In Town. The song isn’t actually in the movie movie though. In call to the wild, Addison get’s a makeover and has the choice to take the moonstone and be a werewolf forever.

Well, that’s Zombies 2!


I have a lot of favorite games, but my all time favorite is Uno. There is also Dos, and a version of Uno; Uno corns. If you couldn’t tell each type for card has a unicorn of it.

I’m going to tell you first about the cards. There are numbers zero through nine, draw twos, and draw fours. You can put a number on top of the same number, or a color on top of the same color. If you put a draw down the next person has to draw. At least that’s not how I play…

At school we play a little differently. One rule is stacking. Stacking on number is putting lots of the same number cards on the same number. The color doesn’t matter. Stacking on color is where you can put lots of numbers on a different number as long as the first card you put down is the same color as the card already put down. The next rule that I started to say on the paragraph before is draws. If someone puts a draw four or two down you can put another one down even if it’s not the same draw. Once someone ended up drawing twenty two!

No matter how, where, or when you play, Uno is a great game to play. All it takes is two to four players! (Or ten says Uno corns.) NOW GO GET ANY TYPE OF UNO!!!!!!

Random and Weird Habits!

I might seem pretty normal, but I am VERY weird underneath. I like to rip boxes, join ridiculous games of family, follow Mr. Irons, and more. I’m going to tell you about each of my weird habits. Here goes!

The first one that I said is box ripping. The story of it is random. Once upon a time Frances brought a box to school. I tried to open it but instead I ripped it. I decided to kill it. Soon the nice box was now ripped into pieces. I never had a funeral for it. ☹️ So yeah now it’s a hobby.

The next weird habit is my ridiculous game of family that Kayla made up. Me and Susie (Kayla) wanted to annoy someone. That lucky someone turned out to be Landon. Soon we had a step sister, (Madeline) and more. Landon even got the nickname Jefff.


My final WEIRD habit is dancing with Mr. Irons. If you are wondering where I got the habit from, it’s from my friend Sam H. Soon Susie (Kayla) joined, and then it became one of my favorite habits. This is because of his dance moves. They are The Baby, No Chloe No, (my favorite) and The Index Fingers.

Those are my VERY VERY random and weird habits! 🤪


In my whole entire life I have had 3 pets total. Those pets are 2 cats: Louise who got put to sleep, and Minnie who I have now. I have a dog right now who is named Koda. I’m going to tell you a little about them.

First is Louise. My parents got her before I was even a thought. I have no idea where she got them, but she was great! She was part Siamese and part I don’t know. She was black and white with green eyes. She was also very skinny. She was a little mean and hissed when someone she didn’t know got to close, but she was very nice besides that. She was like the queen. 👑

Soon after that a new cat came; Minnie. She is the nicest cat I have ever met! She is really shy around other people, but loves people she knows. When my parents got her from a party she was really small and LOVED to play. Now she just acts really lazy. She is also black and white with I think turquoise-ish eyes. No one knows what type of cat she is though. She is also very fat and saggy.

FINALLY, after that when our cat Louise died, we got Koda my dog. He is 1 year old, and a very cute black lab with big gold eyes. He is very active and loves playing with other dogs. When we first got him, he would bark at Minnie, and Minnie would hiss at Koda. Finally Koda learned to stop barking. He is very house trained and knows how to sit, lay down (down), shake, (paw), and stay and come. And he LOVES to play with his dog friend Baxter, my friend’s dog.

Those are all my pets! (So far)

Just Dance!

You have probably already seen “Dancing/Hip hop”, but that’s not all the dancing I do.

2 Christmas’s ago I got a Just Dance. The next day I went to try it. There are a bunch of songs to choose from and every time you do a new one you get a avatar.

Last year, I got a new just dance, but 2020. I have been trying it and it’s basically the same thing as 2018.

My favorite songs from the 1st one I got are Side to Side (clean), and Fight Club. I practiced those for a very long time and in December last year I finally memorized them. That is Side to Side. ⬇️

Yes, of course I have a favorite for the one I got last Christmas. It’s: Old Town Road. I just started doing songs from 2020, but I’m pretty good for a starter.

When you do Just Dance you get stars. It’s normally, 1-5, but when you get higher than 5 it doesn’t go to 6. It goes to five superstars, which are silver. When you get better than THAT you go to the highest level: Megastar! Megastar has a gold outline with purple in it.

Last but not least are playlists. When you scroll all the way to the left there is something that says: “Sweat and Playlists”. You click on that and it has 4 options. Those options are shuffle, 10, 20, and 40. Shuffle is exactly what the name means. It shuffles the songs. 10 is you pick 3 songs, 20 is 6 songs and 40 is 10 songs. For example some songs on my playlist are Baby Shark, ‘Old Town Road’, and ‘Con Calma’.

That’s something you probably didn’t know about me!

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